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25 June 2013

Fancy spending the day with Michael Bublé as he does his favourite things? Of course you do!

International superstar Michael Bublé gives a unique and very personal insight into his life as he takes a day off in his hometown of Vancouver to spend time with his family and friends before he finally heads off unannounced to his 20th High School Reunion.

Michael's all-time favourite movie is 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' and ahead of his upcoming world tour Michael decides to spend a day hanging out doing his favourite things.

He drops by to have a coffee with his 86-year-old grandpa and his friends at the local McDonalds. Grandpa goes there every day as they get free Senior Citizen refills on their cups of coffee. Having got Grandpa and his pals their coffee Michael then shows them all the latest ultrasound photo of his baby son which is due to be born this summer.

It's then time to help prepare lunch with his younger sisters Brandee and Crystal and they swap stories and memories, some of which Michael had conveniently forgotten! Proof that talent runs in the family, they are joined in the kitchen by his 8-year-old niece Jayde who showcases her vocal talents.

Michael then drives to the boatyard where as a young boy he spent many summers helping his father Lewis who used to be captain of a fishing boat. Michael and Lewis go out on his father's boat and they reminisce about days and nights spent out at sea. Lewis also gives Michael some advice on fatherhood.

Finally Michael heads off to his best friend's house as they prepare to go to their 20th High School Reunion. As they flick through their High School Year Books, Michael's friends tease him about his ever-changing hairstyles and they remember some of their favourite teenage pranks. A nervous Michael then heads off unannounced to the reunion. Will it be a night to remember for one and all?

During the show Michael also gives exclusive performances of classics such as 'World On A String', 'Come Dance With Me' and 'Young At Heart', plus one of his greatest hits appropriately entitled 'Home'.

Michael Bublé's Day Off, Sunday 30 June at 9pm on ITV

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