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24 May 2013

Secrets & Lies: Expect Big Brother to be harder and harsher, as the show returns for a brand new series

It's all change when Big Brother returns with a brand new theme for this series, Big Brother: Secrets & Lies.

Expect Big Brother to be harder and harsher as the housemates are subjected to countless twists, turns and tough tasks. Suspicion will be rife, as housemates attempt to untangle Big Brother's web of secrets and lies. How will they separate the fact from the fiction and do they have secrets of their own? The only way to find out is to join new host Emma Willis at the live launch show. Each and every night viewers will be entertained with House action from the past 24 hours leading up to the all-important evictions.

In the Big Brother: Secrets & Lies House it's all about self-sufficiency and recycling. As the housemates enter through the front doors they will be greeted by a huge feature wall containing recycled life size front doors. But what do they signify and what lies behind them? The sweeping staircase will take them down into an eco-style living space. Although impressive in appearance, the House is not a hotel and provides a tougher environment than ever before.

Big Brother's Bit On The Side, the show that dissects and debates BB, is back with a new presenter line-up, with Rylan Clark and AJ Odudu joining Emma Willis. In addition, there's a new psych show, Big Brother’s Bit On The Psych, where a panel of experts and psychologists will analyse the behaviour of the housemates across the week. Rylan will also front a Sunday lunchtime edition of Bit On The Side.

And that’s not it - for the hardcore BB fans, live streaming is back nightly from 7-9pm on 5*.

As always, the housemates' every move will be recorded. There are 27 remote controlled cameras, 12 fixed cameras, five manned cameras, 10 infra-red cameras and a tower cam that will provide sweeping views across the garden. Plus, 57 camera mirrors have been strategically positioned across the house, making it impossible to hide.


Big Brother: Secrets & Lies is coming soon to Channel 5.


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