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1 December 2012

Superstars 2012: Interview with Helen Glover

Sixteen of Britain's London 2012 Olympic heroes compete to be crowned the two best all-round Superstars.

What appealed to you about taking part in Superstars?
I love the show and used to watch it so it was great to hear that there was a chance of taking part. It will also be interesting to compete against people from other sports with different talents and strengths.

Which event are you most looking forward to?
Cycling probably as that is usually good fun.

Are there any of the events that you are apprehensive about taking part in?
I haven't swum for years so that could be interesting and the gym tests are also usually pretty brutal.

What training have you undertaken to prepare for it?
I've not done anything specific for the competition which makes me nervous as I can't remember the last time I actually ran or swam! However, I have been back in training for rowing so my general fitness is ok…

Do you have any superstitions or rituals that you’ll want to do before each of the events?
Not really. Some people think I wear odd socks because I’m superstitious but it’s actually because I'm disorganised!

Superstars will be shown over Christmas. What are your own Christmas TV favourites? And what are your plans for this Christmas?
Plans are to spend a few days with the family back home in Cornwall before heading off on a training camp in the New Year. My family like to watch some of the classic Christmas films but this year my gran has already shot gunned the TV to make sure she doesn't miss Downton!


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