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15 November 2012

The Magaluf Weekender coming soon to ITV2

A unique new ITV2 documentary series following goings-on at the infamous holiday resort of Magaluf has been commissioned for transmission in the New Year.

In each of the 6x60-minute self-contained episodes The Magaluf Weekender follows a different group of 18-24 year-olds as they head out to the resort to party away a long weekend of their lives.

For some, it is their first holiday without their parents and captures the reality of their new-found independence and all the layers of bravado, insecurity and raging hormones that go with it.

In addition to the holidaymakers, we follow four characterful resort reps throughout the series as their lives intertwine.

The Magaluf Weekender incorporates a fresh approach to the structured reality format, combining fixed rig filming with casting its contributors, but will not be scripted.

Production have decked out the resort hotel with fixed rig cameras from reception to the bar, pool and bedrooms of holiday-makers so that everything that happens on the trip can be recorded.

The footage will let viewers discover what makes these young adults tick as the absence of a crew results in cameras capturing unguarded moments ranging from funny to touching and everything in between.


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