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16 November 2012

ITV reveals first details of major rebrand

ITV has revealed the first details of its business-wide rebrand which will include renaming ITV1 as simply ITV. The new brand identity, that will come into play in January next year, will stretch across the branding for ITV plc, as well as ITV channels and online, and all ITV Studios content and distribution businesses, both in the UK, and overseas. The rebrand will also extend to ITV’s buildings, internal branding and services.


"In an ever more crowed market place, both domestically and internationally, the need for a modern, flexible brand identity that connects with our viewers and customers has never been more important. We are really excited to soon be unveiling a new identity that is as up-to-date, and relevant as our content. Big, bold and creatively ambitious, it will be true to our DNA as a brand at the heart of popular culture."
Rufus Radcliffe

The new logo forms the basis of all ITV’s branding domestically and internationally, and is a warm, bold design based on a formalised version of human handwriting, comprising of five colours, in its static state.


When the logo appears on coloured background, such as marketing images for ITV programmes - it will adapt and change according to the background colour scheme of the image. This colour picking technique means that the logo can be dynamic, shifting tone along with the content, reflecting and blending with the mood of different shows. Within the ITV broadcast business, the family of UK channels will all have a new on-air look, with ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, and CiTV receiving new colour schemes, clearer brand propositions, and accompanying updated brand identities.


To strengthen affinity between the overall brand, and the network’s flagship channel - ITV1 from January 2013 will be known as simply, ITV.


Constituent sub brands within the ITV main channel will also receive new on-air brand identities and colour schemes, such as ITV News and ITV Sport; and the ITV Player and online estate will also be rebranded.

The on-air changes will be visible from January 2013, and in addition to new brand identities, the ITV network broadcast business will have a brand new creative style in promotional junctions.

In particular, ITV will pioneer a new approach to Idents – the branded segments between programmes over which announcers give information on the schedule. ITV’s ambition is to have a far broader range of idents throughout the year. As a brand at the heart of popular culture, ITV’s idents will be a revolving collect of season specific designs, featuring real people, capturing moments from everyday life across the UK.


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