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23 November 2012

A Q&A with Dan O'Connor of Hollyoaks

Next week on Hollyoaks, Ash is alarmed to find her little sister, Lacey in bed with her boyfriend, Ally (Dan O'Connor). But that's not the only secret that's uncovered about the Aussie hunk...

Dan O'Connor (or as the other cast call me Den O'Connor - apparently that's how Aussies say it).

Who do you play?
Ally Gorman

How would you describe the character you play?
Nice, easy-going, laid back... well at least until now... get ready for some change!

Are you anything like them in real life?
Well I would hope that I am nice. I like having a good time.

If you could play any other character, who would you choose, and why?
Probably Brendan - it would be cool to be the bad guy of the show and of course you get to sport a 'tache.

What's been your favourite scene to shoot in Hollyoaks?
Haha, probably the scene where I launched Amy in the air and onto the bed because clearly Ally is an animal in the bedroom!

And your worst?
By far it had to be the naked scene. Some guys have no issue stripping off but it's really awkward when you have a room full of fully clothed people and the camera is stationed behind your butt.

What would be your ideal storyline for your character?
The storyline that's coming up - I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into the story. It's very exciting to do something different.

Who is the hottest cast member?
Literally too hard to give an answer. There's so many good looking people on the show that I couldn't single out one. Although Claire Cooper in her Jacqui knee high boots is something to behold! ;)

Have you ever given anyone a Hollyoaks calendar as a present?
I've had so many people requesting it but alas by that stage they were fully sold out. Apparently they are pretty hot property.

Do you ever use your job to jump queues for bars, clubs etc?
That's the one thing that I hate. My friends will try and use me to jump but I refuse to do it. I remember when I wasn't on telly and I would see others do it... I won't tell you what I said to them!

Do you ever get sent any weird fan mail?
Oh yes...very weird and even weirder Tweets. Got a Tweet the other day saying that I had nice feet from someone who obviously has a thing for feet - WEIRD!!!

What's your favourite joke?
My sense of humour is a little warped. "Why did the boy fall off the bike? ‘Cause someone threw a fridge at him" - stuff like that... HILARIOUS!

Who's your best mate in the cast?
I wouldn't say I have a best mate. I hang out with most of the cast members and we certainly love a good party. They are all great to hang out with.

What's the best thing about being in Hollyoaks?
The fact you get to do something different every day and you get to work with some really talented people.

What's the worst?
Sometimes having to work weekends after a big night out the night before. Woeful, woeful, woeful. It's just part of the job though.

Dan's Health & Beauty Q&A

List 5 health and beauty products you swear by...
Five products I swear by are L'Oreal men expert hydra-energetic moisturising lotion, Original Source lime flavour shower gel - you feel refreshed and awake after using it and the mint flavour gives you a tingly feeling! Rexona 48-hour protection deodorant - I need 48 hour protection!!! The hair product I use is Redken styling texture, rough paste and I love Issey Miyake for men aftershave.

An unusual beauty secret...
I use body butter - a nice smelling one like Coconut. Coco-butter is the best!

What 3 things would take to a desert island?
Toothpaste - Colgate whitening to keep the dazzling smile! Deodorant - you'd need it on a hot desert island! And Aeorogard, insect repellent!

Hair then make up or make up then hair? How do you achieve it?
After my shower I'd dry my hair and then style - make-up of course takes a while with this face, lol!

Fake Tan or English Rose?
Fake tan! I look strange if I don't have a tan, plus ‘English Rose' doesn't really go well with the Australian accent!

How long does it take you to get ready for a night out?
I would say half an hour, my friends would say a lot longer!

What process is involved in achieving an awards look? Do you enjoy it?
I have a glass of wine and put some music on. I've used the same suit for the last five years but I'll always make sure my clothes have been dry cleaned, because I won't have looked at them since the last awards. I make sure I'm tanned and get a haircut. I don't enjoy the process leading up to it, but I do like the event.

Favourite body part?
My middle finger, it's quite useful sometimes...

Have you ever broken a bone?
I've cracked a bone and I've crushed a bone. I've also broken my toe. I cracked my rib-cage on a trampoline and I crushed my middle finger lifting a tree stump, it got trapped in between the stump and a fence post!

Where do you shop the most?
Probably American Apparel and All Saints.

Shopaholic or Sensible staples?
I used to be a shopaholic and now I can't really be bothered, so it's all about staples! A good t-shirt is essential, jeans and a good pair of shoes. Jeans and shoes are the things I'd spend money on.

Designer or High Street?
Mix of both. You have items you spend a lot of money on like a shirt for an event, but you'd mix it with standard basics.

Whose every day and red carpet style do you most admire? (Other celebs or Hollyoaks artists)
Everyday: Ashton Kutcher, he always looks cool-casual
Red Carpet: Probably Brad Pitt, he always looks suave and smart.

Summer or Winter?
Being from Australia, it's got to be Summer.

What one item in your wardrobe would you save from a burning building?
My jeans, the G-Star ones, they're my favourite.

Are you a Shoes, Handbags or Accessories kind of girl/boy?
Depending on the occasion, probably shoes.

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