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2 September 2012

Mock The Week returns for Autumn run on BBC Two

The summer of 2012 will forever be remembered for a feel good festival of physical perfection that, for a few short weeks, popped up all over the BBC schedules; it might have taken place in London but throughout the country millions embraced milestones being reached, heroes being created and even an emotional victory for Andy Murray. Yes, series 11 of Mock The Week really was special.


In a bid to recreate that magical time, BBC Two are delighted to announce that from 10pm on Thursday 6 September, the hit topical show is returning for its all new Autumn run.

Producers have set the team an ambitious target of six episodes and a Christmas Special, but Dara O Briain and regulars Chris Addison, Hugh Dennis and Andy Parsons are confident they can overcome nagging fitness doubts to deliver in the usual spectacular style.

As ever, legendary comedic talent from the four corners of the world - England, Ireland and Canada - will converge on Television Centre to compete in a variety of hilarious games that promise to strike satirical targets more often than a recorded delivery for 'a Mr Assange' turns up at the Ecuadorean embassy.

A show outsider said: “The infrastructure is in place: we’ve got the right national flags, we’ve refused George Michael’s request to replace the theme tune with his new single’s B side - and the likes of Micky Flanagan, Greg Davies, Milton Jones, Ed Byrne, Stewart Francis and Andi Osho are all due to appear alongside the established awesome foursome.”


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