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7 September 2012

Emmerdale: From the cradles to the grave (Emmerdale 40th Birthday)

From The Cradles to the Grave

Emmerdale announces a twist to the tale. On the night of the live episode in honour of the 40th birthday, one well-loved character will meet their fate. 

The hour-long live episode will present viewers with every aspect of life in one big night of drama, from the two babies’ cradles to the deceased’s grave. 

It is an October night in the Yorkshire village and the cries of two babies are set to bring joy to their loved ones. Two wedding celebrations are underway, one full of love and happiness, the other riddled with secrets and lies. Lurking beneath, wrath, betrayal and heartache will shatter the night with an untimely death. 

To create maximum impact for our viewers we will not be revealing who will perish.

Stuart Blackburn, Series Producer, said: "In our spectacular live episode viewers will be taken on a whirlwind journey encompassing every life experience from the two cradles to the grave with love, hate and betrayal along the way. We want to avoid speculation as to which character dies but suffice to say it will have major, far-reaching repercussions."

Emmerdale have already confirmed that the 40th birthday will be a week long celebration of must see TV. Featuring one live episode, two weddings and the birth of two babies. The live episode will be directed by award winning Tony Prescott and shot entirely on location at the Emmerdale village.


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