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22 August 2012

Hermione Norris & Martin Clunes star in ITV Studios Drama, A Mother's Son

What would you do if you suspected your son had committed murder?

HERMIONE NORRIS (Spooks) and MARTIN CLUNES (Doc Martin) will star in new thrilling drama A Mother's Son, produced by ITV Studios for ITV1.

The 2 x 60 minute drama written by Chris Lang and filmed on location in London and Suffolk from May 2012, will also star acclaimed actor PAUL McGANN (Luther) and ALEXANDER ARNOLD (Skins).

When a teenage schoolgirl is found murdered in the woods near a local town in Suffolk the news rips through the heart of the whole community, and that of mother of two Rosie Haleton (Hermione Norris) who discovers damning evidence that could be connected to the heinous crime.

Recently remarried, Rosie lives with her two children Jamie (Alexander Arnold) and Olivia, husband Ben Harley (Martin Clunes) and his children from a previous marriage, Jessica and Rob. As the newly formed family settle into daily life living together under one roof, Rosie begins to suspect she may be sharing her home with a killer when she finds a pair of blood-splattered trainers hidden under her son Jamie's bed.

At first Rosie tries to dismiss her suspicions believing them too incomprehensible to be true. Could her teenage boy be involved in murder?

Rosie finds solace in an unlikely place, confiding in her ex-husband, David (Paul McGann), who like Rosie totally dismisses the idea Jamie could be responsible. Reluctantly, he agrees to follow his son in the hope to help clear his name and discovers Jamie has been spending time with 19 year old Sean Christie, a school drop out who was previously arrested for sexual assault against a minor. With a finger pointed in Sean's direction Rosie and David hope their son is in the clear, but Jamie's ever-crumbling alibi suggests a different story.

At home, Rosie's suspicions lean to Ben's son Rob. Since learning of the murder he has been acting out for no reason and won't explain why. It's clear he has something to hide - could he have been witness or also be involved somehow?

The burden of secrets creates a heated atmosphere in the house and tension between Rosie and Ben and the rest of the family. The upcoming family holiday is cancelled, arguments increase, and the only way forward is to confront Jamie. Who of course denies it. Ben feels Rosie's resolve crumbling and contemplates taking matters into his own hands. But can he really go through with it? Is that his right or responsibility?

A Mother's Son is a drama that tests whether a family not bound by blood can sustain and survive when placed under enormous strain.

A Mother's Son is co-executive produced by Chris Lang and Myar Craig-Brown. The drama will be produced by Colin Wratten and directed by Ed Bazalgette.

The drama has been commissioned by ITV's Drama Commissioning team Laura Mackie, Sally Haynes and Victoria Fea.

"A Mother's Son is the story of an ordinary mother tormented by her suspicions and thoughts that her son maybe capable of murder," said Victoria. "She's confronted with this terrifying dilemma and has to ask herself should she go to the police and give him up? She'll wrestle with this throughout what is a very compelling drama."

ITV Studios Executive Producer Myar Craig-Brown said: "Rosie is in turmoil by what she discovers – it's too awful to believe it could possibly be true. But as the evidence begins to stack up against her son, Rosie's turmoil worsens. Chris Lang has written a beautifully, compelling script and we're delighted Martin Clunes and Hermione Norris have agreed to play Ben and Rosie."

A Mother's Son’ is part of the Drama Lives on ITV season.
Monday 3rd September at 9pm. (concludes Tuesday 4th September).


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