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29 August 2012

Dallas to launch exclusively on Channel 5 in the UK, via deal with Warner Bros. International Television Distribution

Channel 5 has secured the exclusive rights to the debut of the new U.S. drama series DALLAS, via a deal with Warner Bros. International Television Distribution. The announcement was made by Jeff Ford, Channel 5’s Director of Programmes, and Jeffrey R. Schlesinger, President, Warner Bros. International Television.

The all-new 10-part series, based upon one of the most popular television dramas of all time, centres on the bitter rivalries and family power struggles within the Texas oil and cattle-ranching Ewing dynasty. The series stars Josh Henderson (90210), Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives), Jordana Brewster (Fast Five), Julie Gonzalo (Veronica Mars) and Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives), and they will be joined by iconic stars of the original DALLAS: Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, and Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing.

The original DALLAS aired from 1978 to 1991 and revolved around a long and bitter rivalry between brothers J.R. (Hagman) and Bobby Ewing (Duffy), which eventually led to J.R. losing control of most of the Ewing industries. In the new DALLAS, this explosive rivalry now lives on through another generation, with the future of the family fortune in the hands of the Ewing offspring, cousins John Ross Ewing (Henderson), the son of J.R. and ex-wife Sue Ellen (Gray), and Christopher Ewing (Metcalfe), the adopted son of Bobby. Brewster stars as Elena, who is involved in a love triangle with Christopher and John Ross. Gonzalo stars as Christopher’s fiancée, Rebecca. And Strong stars as Ann, Bobby’s wife.

Jeff Ford, Channel 5’s Director of Programmes said, “We are thrilled to be bringing the new look Dallas to Channel 5. With its alluring mix of wealth, seduction, scandal and intrigue, there is something for everyone on the Southfork Ranch and it’s a hugely exciting addition to our 2012 schedule.”

Jeffrey R. Schlesinger, President, Warner Bros. International Television, said, “The original version of Dallas was iconic in the UK and had many millions of fans. We are sure that this new version of Dallas will satisfy those who remember the original show and attract a whole generation of new viewers. The instantly recognizable title combined with the very effective marketing ability of Channel 5 should ensure the successful launch of this series in the UK.”

Cynthia Cidre (The Mambo Kings, Cane) and Michael M. Robin (The Closer) are executive producers of DALLAS, which is based on the original series created by David Jacobs. The series is produced by Warner Horizon Television and distributed around the world by Warner Bros. International Television Distribution. DALLAS will air on TNT in the USA in 2012.

‘Dallas’ is brand new and exclusive to Channel 5. Wednesdays from 5th September at 9pm.

Dallas: Series One

With an increasingly volatile feud now brewing between John Ross and Christopher, the stage is set for J.R. (Hagman) to return to his nefarious ways and rekindle his own long-standing rivalry with his younger brother, Bobby (Duffy). As the current family patriarch, Bobby will stop at nothing to keep the younger Ewings from perpetuating the battle that nearly brought down the entire family. Bobby is backed up by his wife, Ann (Strong), whose beauty and grace match her fierce resolve to maintain peace within the family. But when a medical issue threatens his life, Bobby is forced to make a tough decision that could forever alter the lives of everyone he loves. Always ready to stir the pot is Sue Ellen (Gray), John Ross’s mother, who hopes to see her son take his rightful position as head of the family. It’s clear the rivalry between John Ross and Christopher is just as fierce as that of their fathers, especially when it involves the love of both of their lives, Elena. This intertwining relationship among the three is a source of constant tension that could eventually tear the Ewing family apart.

“Bringing a show like Dallas into the 21st century has been both exciting and daunting,” said executive producer Cynthia Cidre, who took up the challenge of writing the pilot for the new series. “It would have been very easy for the show to devolve into camp or cheap melodrama. Instead, we decided to concentrate on making a smart, passionate family drama told on an epic scale. We’re especially thrilled to work so closely with the leaders of Dallas in making the city a key character in the show.”

Cidre and Michael M. Robin (The Closer, Rizzoli & Isles, Nip/Tuck, The D.A., NYPD Blue) executive produce Dallas, and the series will feature many a familiar face from the original series. Guest appearances include Ken Kerchavel as Cliff Barnes, Bobby’s former brother-in-law; Steve Kanaly as Ray Krebbs, JR’s one-time nemesis; and Charlene Tilton as Lucy Barnes, JR and Bobby’s niece. Let the ruthless rivalries and Texas-sized power struggles begin!


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