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25 August 2012

A Q&A with Dermot O’Leary of The X Factor

Dermot O’Leary returned as the presenter of The X Factor his sixth successive year. Throughout his highly successful tenure, Dermot has been on hand to guide the contestants from the moment they audition through to the nerve-wracking live shows – offering support, encouragement and a shoulder to cry on, as well as presiding over the Judging panel once the show reaches the live studio.


What makes The X Factor the best singing show on TV?
The show is brilliant as it appeals to all generations, with everyone, from kids through to their grandparents, sitting down to watch it together – it makes for great fun entertainment on a Saturday night.

What are you going to do to make sure this year’s show is bigger and better than ever before?
Well, we never take it for granted, so the search is on to find the best talent and the best characters from across the country, to entertain us all.

What has the talent been like so far this year?
The talent this year has been incredibly good – there’s almost too much talent, if I can say such a thing! It’s going to be really difficult for the Judges.

Who do you think are the ones to watch?
The Overs have really stepped up this year.

Do you think part of your role is to stand up for the contestants against the Judges?
That’s what I’m there for!

What is the key bit of advice you give the contestants?
Always have an idea of the sort of artist you want to be.

This is your sixth year - are you still enjoying it as much as ever?
I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it. It’s such a huge commitment – nearly ten months of the year. It’s the biggest show to work on, and a huge honour to present it.

What are your highlights from the past five years presenting The X Factor?
Too many to list! Sharon Osbourne walking out in my first ever live show, that was one. The phenomenal Jedward. Wagner holding a picture of a lion. The moment you realise someone can be a star after a great performance. The Arena auditions, Olly Murs and Joe McElderry, and of course hosting the final at Wembley Arena – that was amazing. There are so many highlights for me.



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