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29 August 2012

Tonights TV Highlights: BBC One

8.00-9.00pm: The Flowerpot Gang (Ep 3/4)

This week the Flowerpot Gang help two schools in Bristol who have formed an unlikely partnership. The Student Support Centre helps students who have been excluded from mainstream schools, while neighboring New Fosseway School has students with severe learning difficulties. Separating them is an unused garden, which the two schools want to share to bring their pupils closer together.

Twelve-year-old Callum has been bullied, excluded from mainstream school and has a history of behavioral problems - but once he is be-friended by Phil Tufnell he soon gets to work on the garden. Despite having to battle against the elements during the wettest April on record for 100 years, Callum’s dedication and ability to stick to the task surprise and impress his mother Lisa.

A performance stage and a climbing wall are just some of the features planned to make the garden fun and durable for the kids, but as the rain pours down even galvanizer par excellence Anneka Rice finds it tough to get help. After a call to action goes out to the public, The Flowerpot Gang return to Bristol in August to finish the garden and establish something that the two schools will treasure forever.

The Flowerpot Gang continue to transform neglected plots of land across the UK into extraordinary, life changing spaces.


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